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Human Rights Protection Team


Human Rights Protection Team was established in Department of Control, Complaints and Petitions of Ministry of Interior in December 2011 in connection with extension of the range of tasks of Monitoring Team on Racism and Xenophobia, which had been functioning earlier (since 2004). We are responsible for monitoring cases related to hate crimes issues and to human rights observance by services subjected to the Minister of Interior and Administration.

Human Rights Protection Team also acts as the National Contact Point on combating hate crimes to Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. (ODIHR OSCE).



Responsibilities of  Human Rights Protection Team includes:

1) Monitoring cases related to hate crimes and taking actions in order to prevent that kind of events.

 2) Educational actions -  mostly by monitoring and co-ordination of training sessions on human rights issues within the scope of internal affairs, and in particular  - in the Police and the Border Guard; preparation and updating of educational materials for these units. Since 2006 in co-operation with Office for Democratic Institution and Human Rights of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe we coordinate the realization of Law enforcement officers program on combating hate crimes (LEOP). 

3) Co-operation with national and international units in the field of human rights protection and preventing and combating hate crimes.

4) Preparing reports about the implementation of the provisions of international conventions in the field of protecting human rights in Poland.

5) Actions to ensure an adequate level of human rights protection during the realization of tasks by bodies subordinated or supervised by Minister (especially the Police and Border Guards).

6) Conducting cases related to supervision exercised by the Minister in the field of taking actions by the police and Border Guard in order to implement European Court of Human Right rulings and in the field of imparting the information on police and Border Guards officers misbehavior to Independent Body to Investigate Misconduct of Police and Border Guards.


Human Rights Protection Team is taking the above-mentioned activities in close cooperation with NGOs which are active in human rights protection field, including preventing and combating racism, anti-Semitism, racial discrimination, homophobia, xenophobia. Furthermore, Human Rights Protection Team co-operates with national and international institutions active in aforementioned areas.



If a hate crime happens to you or you are a witness of that kind of incident it is important to report it at first to law enforcement and then let us know. We will try to help and monitor your case, as much as the law permits us. But without your action, neither our Team nor law enforcement bodies will be able to provide you with the proper support.

If we receive notification of hate crime we will contact with relevant bodies to obtain the information about actions taken and in the end we will provide feedback to applicant. Therefore, it is important to you to leave us your contact details (name, address, brief description of the case and the information if and where that crime was reported) otherwise we won’t be able to answer you and provide you with the information on reported case.

To support civil society based on principle of tolerance and to build a better community in Poland we need you to act and report hate crimes



There is no definition of hate crimes in Polish Penal Code and therefore Human Rights Protection Team,  while implementing its actions uses a working definition of hate crimes created by ODIHR OSCE:

Hate crime is:

A) Any criminal offence, including offences against persons or property, where the victim, premises, or target of the offence are selected because of their real or perceived connection, attachment, affiliation, support, or membership of a group as defined in Part B

B) A group may be based upon a characteristic common to its members, such as real or perceived race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or other similar factor.



You can report any incident you believe was motivated by hostility based on your:

  • national origin/citizenship
  • race
  • religion/lack of religious affiliation.
  • ethnicity
  • disability
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • age
  • political and other opinion


These incidents may involve physical attacks, verbal abuse including hostile contents in the Internet, graffiti, damage to your property, threats, grave and memorials devastation, attacks on places of worship.

You can also report us the cases of human rights violation by police or Border Guards officers.


If you feel that your rights have been violated  - please let us know.



1) Report a hate crime

There are several ways for you to report a hate crime - whether you have been a victim, a witness, or you are reporting on behalf of someone else. There are some of them:

a) In an emergency

  • Call 997 or 112

b) Contact the police or prosecutor’s office

Go to the nearest Police Station or prosecutor’s office and report a hate crime.

Police officers are ready and trained to help you in cases connected with hate crimes, so feel free to meet with them.  Furthermore in each Voivodeship Police Headquarters as well as in Metropolitan and General Police Headquarters you can find a Plenipotentiary on Human Rights Protection, with whom you can contact in your case.

2) Inform other units and organizations

a) Write us

Information about your case related to human rights violations by the uniformed services or related to hate crime you can send to Human Rights Protection Team :


  • Trough e-mail: zpc@mswia.gov.pl
  • Trough fax on number: (22) 60 170 13
  • By letter on address:


Department of Control, Complaints and Petitions (Departament Kontroli, Skarg i Wniosków)

Human Rights Protection Team (Zespół ds. Ochrony Praw Człowieka)


ul. Stefana Batorego 5

02-591 Warszawa


  • Though document lodged in person at the Log Books of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in the Office of Pass, (Biuro Przepustek MSWiA) Rakowiecka 2A, every day form Monday to Friday from 8:00 – 16:00 

b) Contact some of non-governmental organizations like:




Human Rights Protection Team

E-mail: zpc@mswia.gov.pl

Fax: 60 170 13

Phone number: (22) 60 141 36, (22) 60 115 38



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